All About the Disney World Times Guides 

The Disney World Times Guides guides (pictured below) are very useful tools available to everyone who visits Disney World.   There are two types of Times Guides.  The first type is a Walt Disney World Resort general Times Guide that includes park hours, parade and fireworks schedules and special event information for all of the the theme parks.   The second type of Times Guides are those that are specific to each of the Disney theme parks and these are updated weekly.  They may also offer a times guide specific to an event like Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  The guides are printed on a strip of paper and are designed to fit with the theme park maps that are updated seasonally.   The theme park Times Guides include much more detailed information about the events and activities that occur within that specific park during the week and will include information about attraction or restaurant hours that are different from regular park hours, character meet-and-greet times and locations, and live entertainment schedules.  

All about the Disney World Times Guides - a handy tool to help you keep track of all the events and experiences available during your Disney vacation. 

Where do I get the Disney Times Guides?

If you're staying at one of the official Walt Disney Resort hotels, you'll usually find the general guide available near the rack in the lobby that has theme park maps and brochures.  Sometimes the park-specific Times Guides will also be available but not always and you'll definitely want to be sure they are the guides for the current week.  The Theme Park Times Guides are located in racks near the front of each theme park, near the park maps.  There is no charge for the park maps or times guides.   

A Times Guide is Not a Touring Plan or Itinerary

You may have heard of a theme park itinerary or touring plan and those are different than the Times Guide mentioned here.  The Times Guide is a record of hours and locations where a Touring Plan or Itinerary is a suggested order for experiencing the various rides and attractions to help you minimize lines and to make sure you experience all of the things that are importation to the people in your party.   

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