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We are convinced that everyone benefits from good theme park touring plans. During busy times, a good touring plan is absolutely necessary to stay out of lines that can literally be hours long. During less crowded times, a good plan adjusts for shorter theme park hours and fewer performances. The most important benefitis that everyone in the family gets to do their favorite rides and attractions because those priorities are all included in a touring plan that lets you experience the theme parks efficiently and effectively.  According to research published in the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, a good touring plan will reduce your time in line 3 1/2 hours per day, on average. Think about it...that 3.5 hours you don't spend in line can be spent enjoying more attractions or even (I know this sounds crazy) taking a nap.

Doesn't a touring plan take away from magical moments?

NO!!!!!  Trust me,  there is nothing magical or whimsical about standing in long lines with bored, crabby people.  Don't believe me?  Since a good touring plan can easily eliminate three hours of line time per day, try standing in any line (the Motor Vehicles Department is a perfect place for this experiment) for three hours with your family.   You'll quickly discover that the magical moments aren't happening in that line, my friend; they're happening somewhere - anywhere - else!

Here's the thing - spontaneity isn't random.   Malcolm Gladwell says, "Successful spontaneity is where you're free to make decisions about the opportunities that present themselves because the big decisions are already made". That's what touring plans are all about.

Magical Moments happen when your dining reservations are at times that do not conflict with parades and fireworks!

Magical Moments happen you're awake and fresh and get to ride a bunch of rides early in the day when the crowds are at their lowest.

Magical Moments happen when no one feels overlooked and everyone knows that their favorite things are included in "The Plan".

Magical Moments happen when parents have an intentional plan in place for spending time with older children and younger children.

Magical Moments happen when lines are minimized at every ride, not just the few attractions where you have Express Pass or FastPass+ reservations.

Magical Moments happen when the three hours you would've spent in lines are spent seeing characters, watching live entertainment, or stopping for an afternoon swim.

All we want is to make sure you aren't regretfully thinking, "I wish I had known..." on the trip home.   That's why we put excellent theme park touring plans into the hands of everyone who books a Disney or Universal Orlando vacation through Build A Better Mouse Trip.    You can choose one of these great resources:

  • Printed Disney World or Universal Orlando Guidebook with Standardized Plans* - book your trip with us and we'll send The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World or The Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando right to your mailbox. It is chock full of excellent information about all of the hotels, restaurants, shows, rides and attractions. The book contains a couple ofeasy-to-use standardized touring plans for each theme park that you can just clip out and carry with you, even if you don't have time to read a single page of the book.

  • Online Subscription with Printable Standardized Plans* - Do you prefer doing your research online? No problem! Our online option has all the great information available in the guidebook and it has a lot of really great print-and-go theme park touring plans. There are several more touring plan choices available with this option - holiday plans, late start plans, plans for adults, plans for small kids, etc. This option includes a mobile phone application that let you access the touring plans on your phone or check current waits and line times.

  • Personalized Touring Plans - Personalized plans are a little trickier and take more time but the online subscription will let you create high quality, personalized plans that you can optimize on your smart phone as you go through the day. This option takes more advance planning and can be confusing so we include a free phone consultation session to help you get the hang of it. This option is best suited for people who love a more hands-on approach.

You'll receive your choice of one of the above resources completely free of charge when you book your Disney vacation through Build A Better Mouse Trip.   We even help you create a trip itinerary and will book dining reservations on your behalf (subject to availability).   The best part is that we are a "Fee-Free" travel agency which means you get our help and you never pay a service charge or other fee for our services. We book directly through Disney to make sure you get every benefit they offer, then you get all the benefits and services we offer and there is no additional cost of any kind.

Every one of our clients also gets our special tri-fold brochures that are FULL of tips and information designed to help you have a better time in the parks.  We tell you the best quick-service restaurants, "don't miss" live entertainment recommendations, fun freebies for each park, and more.  Our hope is that these resources will make it easy for you to have a better Disney World experience...better food, shorter lines, and more happy memories.

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* I can already hear you asking how standardize touring plans will minimize line times if everyone uses the same plan.   That would be a problem IF everyone used the plans but the truth is that less than 10% of all Walt Disney World Resort visitors use any kind of plan at all so you and your touring plan will have an advantage over the 90% of Disney guests that just follow the herd.

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