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Cruise Line

Dumbo, a Disney classic attraction

Magic Kingdom Theme Park Wishes Fireworks seen from the Polynesian Resort Beach
Cinderella Fountain in Fantasyland
entrance to it's a small world
bibbidi bobbidi boutique sign
Magic Kingdom Castle and Moat
Downtown Disney Tinker Toy Windmill
Cinderella's Royal Table Entrance Sign
Crystal Palace Restaurant
Goofy's Candy Company
Stich at World of Disney
ENtrance to Camp Minnie-Mickey
The Tree of Life in Disney's Animal Kingdom
Ariel and Friends at the All Star Music Resort Piano Pool
American Idol Experience at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Disney's Hollywood Studios Animation Courtyard Archway
Characters in Flight in Downtown Disney
Disney's Hollywood Studios Cameraman Statue
Disney's Hollywood Studios Streetmosphere characters
Disney's Character's in Flight
Cinderella and Prince Charming topiary at Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival
T-Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney
Epcot IllumiNations globe
Mo Rockin

Disney's All Star Music Resort
Disney's All Star Music Resort is often overlooked, but is a great option in Disney's Value category. Particularly for groups that want both suites and regular rooms in the same resort building.

Check out our resort presentation of Disney's newest resort. Enjoy Art of Animation resort photos, construction pictures, artists renderings and all available information about Disney's newest Value Resort, Disney's Art of Animation.


Build a Better Mouse Trip is about creating a better Disney vacation for you without spending more money. Anyone can book a room but as a Disney focused travel agency we go beyond simply making reservations. We work with you to help you get the most out of your Orlando area vacation, no matter what. We book your package directly through Disney, so their price is our price with no additional agency fees. At no additional cost to you - we provide these services when you book a qualifying cruise or vacation package:

Vacation Planning : Not sure when you want to go to on vacation? We'll help you figure out the best (or least expensive) time to visit the Walt Disney World Resort.
Hotel Selection: We work with you to select a hotel or other accomodations that fit your needs and budget.
Your day-to-day itinerary: We work out the best day-to-day itinerary that makes sure you get to do everything you want to do in a way that minimizes crowds.
Dining & Reservations: We help you choose restaurants and activities and will even make reservations for you, if you'd like us to. (subject to availability)
Theme Park Touring Plans: Are you "go with the flow", "commando" or somewhere inbetween? We provide a TouringPlans.com and Lines mobile app subscription or the "Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World" (printed guidebook) for Disney resort packages and qualifying room only reservations. These expert touring plans keep you ahead of the crowds and out of the long lines.
Cost control: we keep an eye on available discounts to help you save money while getting the full benefit of your Disney vacation.


In everything we do, we strive to provide you with great value. Whether this is your first visit, or your hundred and first, we want you to have the the Disney vacation you've been dreaming of. We are authorized disney vacation planners and all our agents are graduates of the college of disney knowledge.

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Deciding when to visit Walt Disney World

You can have a wonderful Disney Vacation no matter what time of year you go, but knowing Disney's seasons can make a big difference. Obviously visiting Walt Disney World during the school year is going to have the lowest overall crowds, but many families do not have that option.

Value Season is Disney's lowest cost, and lowest crowd, season. Disney offers discounts on rooms and packages whenever they feel the need to boost occupancy in their resorts. Typically the best deals will be offered during Value Season - which can be a great advantage to adult travellers, senior citizens, homeschoolers, families with preschoolers, or anyone with a flexible schedule. The down side is that the lower crowds and lower prices can also mean shorter park hours or limited show schedules but we'll help you create a good itinerary that makes it easy to have a great time. We'll also keep an eye on the resort refurbishments that tend to occur during the low season so that you don't go to a resort with a closed pool.

Regular Season means just what its name implies - this is when you'll find moderate crowds and mid-range pricing. Discounts and promotions will be offered but availability may become an issue. The theme parks will have standard hours with a good selection of shows and parades. Here's where our help with advance planning insures good dining reservations and a great time.

Peak Season is short for "any time the kids are out of school" - for example: Spring vacation and summer break. Prices tend to be higher but there are still frequent discounts and promotions. Park hours are long and there are lots of shows, parades, and fireworks. Crowd management is really important during peak season and we'll make sure you aren't ever in the most crowded park. Advance dining reservations and planning ahead are very important but don't be afraid to travel during the peak season - with good trip planning, this is actually our favorite time to visit the parks.

Holiday Season: New Years, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas... These are the most crowded and most expensive times to visit Walt Disney World. Discounts are rare but this is where the weak economy actually works in your favor because we've seen some deals lately that never get offered during a more typical year. There is no denying that you'll encounter big crowds but you'll also benefit from extra-long park hours, lots of live entertainment, and special holiday events. Advance planning is absolutely essential if you don't want to to do more than just stand in line. But don't worry - we're here to help with theme park touring plans that make sure you do everything you want to do.

Build A Better Mouse Trip will do everything possible to minimize your costs while maximizing your fun no matter when you decide to visit the Walt Disney World Resort.

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Resorts, Hotels, Condos and Vacation Homes

People are often surprised to find that staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel is often your most economical option. Disney now provides free transportation to and from the Orlando Airport and because Disney provides buses from their resorts to the theme parks, Water Parks, and Downtown Disney, you may not need a rental car during your stay.

Build a Better Mouse Trip is happy to compare the Value, Moderate, and Deluxe hotel options and can provide information about the Fort Wilderness Campground. Once you've made a decision, we are happy to secure a reservation for you.

Disney's Deluxe Resorts: These are Disney's top-end resorts with elaborate theming and amenities like full-service restaurants, room service, luggage service, valet parking, themed swimming pools with water slides, on-site recreation, on-site childcare (fee), and some include expanded transportation options like monorail and boat access to the theme parks.

Disney's Moderate Resorts: If the deluxe resorts are out of your budget but you still like some special touches, the Disney Moderate resorts may be just the thing for you. These resorts have comfortably sized rooms with lush landscaping; amenities include full-service restaurants, food courts, room service (limited), luggage service, swimming pools with a slide and hot tub, on-site recreation, bus or boat transportation.

Disney's Value Resorts: Clean, cute, and comfortable; these basic hotel rooms are a great option for families on a budget or for anyone who will be spending all their time in the theme parks, rather than at the resorts. These resorts have food courts, pizza delivery, luggage service (hourly), swimming pools, bus transportation to the Walt Disney World theme parks. The family suites at Disney's All-Star Music resort are the most economical option for families of up to six people and are the only Disney value resort accomodations that include a kitchenette with microwave and refrigerator.

Disney Vacation Club Resorts: Amenities are similar to Deluxe Resorts but these "home away from home" accomodations include kitchens, washers & dryers, and suites that can accomodate larger families.

Please see our Walt Disney World Resort Hotels page for specific information, photos and details about all the great Disney hotels.

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What parks to visit on what days

Your itinerary is the foundation that your whole vacation is built upon. The itinerary is different than your park touring plan – the itinerary is the overall schedule showing which park you are visiting on a particular day during your Florida vacation. Many people assume that the crowds are equally dispersed but this is not true. There really are Best Days or Better Days for visiting one Walt Disney World, Sea World, or Universal Studios / Islands of Adventure Theme Park over another. This information is crucial for families visiting during holidays or school breaks, when crowds are high. Travelling off season doesn't eliminate the need for a good itinerary either because you need a schedule that adjusts for lower park hours and decreased numbers of performance times, shows and entertainment.

Two families going to Disneyworld, SeaWorld, or Universal Orlando with the exact same days but with different itineraries will have very different experiences. One will have crowds and long lines, while the other will wait only 10-15 minutes per attraction. A number of factors contribute to this. You need to know how Disney's Extra Magic Hours are going to affect you, whether you are a Disney resort guest or not. Parades, shows, and fireworks are not always offered every day and some days have more live entertainment than others. Certain parks may close early because of special events. We take all this into account when providing itinerary advice. We also schedule itineraries with sensitivity to jet lag for international visitors or US visitors crossing several time zones. Water park days or “down” days are a nice touch to give you the rest you need. It's a vacation, right?

Tied in to the itinerary is ticket selection. Using your planned travel dates, and goals for the vacation we analyze the numerous ticket options to select the best tickets for your needs. We make sure you are not wasting money on expensive add-ons that you don't need and won't use.

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So many Disney restaurants, so little time... :-)

Dining at the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks and hotel restaurants can be a highlight on your trip or you can get stuck eating nothing but burgers. We can help you so that meals are a special and enjoyable part of your vacation - whether you're just dining at quick-service locations or are including character meals, sit-down restaurants and fine dining. We can make dining reservations on your behalf (subject to availability) or help you with all the information you need to make your own reservations. We will also help you determine whether or not the "Magic Your Way plus Disney Dining Plan" is a good value for you.

Did you know that Walt Disney World has:

  • 160+ restaurants - Snack shops, counter service (fast food), and full table service restaurants
  • 22 Character Meal choices in the parks and hotels
  • Dinner shows
  • Special meals like "Lunch with an Animal Trainer"

We can also help deal with special dietary concerns like food allergies, diabetic, or vegetarian diets. We have recommendations for those trying to maintain a healthy diet and we can also help fussy eaters find something that they will enjoy. We'll help you with meal timing so that you do not miss fireworks and parades or other "must see" events.

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Theme Park Touring Plans

Walt Disney World is the #1 tourist destination in the world. Going during low crowds sounds ideal but the reality is that most people have to visit during school vacations and holiday breaks. The Walt Disney World Resort property itself is approximately twice the size of Manhatten. There are 4 major theme parks, 2 themed water parks, an indoor interactive theme park, 16 resort hotels, 7 time share properties, nearly 200 restaurants, commercial areas etc. According to research published in the "Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World", a good touring plan will reduce your time in line 3 1/2hours per day, on average. Think about it...that 3.5 hours you don't spend in line can be spent enjoying more attractions or even (I know this sounds crazy) taking a nap.

Disney parks are not just a bunch of rides - there are wonderful live performances that many guests miss just because they do not even know about them. Most folks depend upon "chance" to place them in the right place at the right time. We want to help you avoid regrets on the plane ride home as you think, "I wish I had known..."

You will avoid the frustration and exhaustion that comes from long waits and missed opportunities. Over and over, we have seen people paralyzed by the vast number of choices presented to them as they enter the wonder that is found at every Disney theme park. Time is wasted as they try to figure out what to do first and - unfortunately - they usually end up just following the crowd. 

A good touring plan is essential. It helps you stay ahead of the crowd and frees you to enjoy the myriad of opportunities that await you. With a good touring plan you can visit Walt Disney World theme parks, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, or SeaWorld on the busiest day of the year and still enjoy yourself while seeing all the top attractions.

Build A Better Mouse Trip lets you choose one of these three planning services at no additional cost to you when you book your Walt Disney World Resort vacation package through us.

1) TouringPlans.com and Lines mobile app:

Touringplans.com is the web face of the unofficial guide. It has great information about saving time and money, the various hotels and resorts, dining, the theme parks and water parks, the crowd calendar for over a year in advance, and a ticket calculator. All that in addition to great touring plans based on computer models honed with years of research and access to Lines, the mobile app with wait times on your phone.


2) The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (most current edition) :

This guide has earned a loyal following in the Disney planning community. This 800+ page encyclopedic guide has information about every park, attraction, activity, resort, and restaurant. In their own words "Each year, the Unofficial Guide team views every ride, show, parade, and fireworks extravaganza in Walt Disney World. We've stayed at every Disney hotel (and lots of off-site hotels), and eaten at every restaurant. If a ride isn't worth your time, or a meal isn't worth your money, you'll read about it here." In our opinion - This book and its standardized plans are extremely effective. We have used it with great success for ourselves and customers. Everything about this book is statistical and computational, right down to the "pillow fluffyness". This is an excellent choice for both readers/researchers and someone that does not want to become an expert on Disneyworld. The researcher can consume a massive amount of information, while the vacationer can simply take some advice on resorts, restraunts etc and select ready-made plans from the back of the book to use. This great guide also includes Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure touring plans.


Remember, you get to choose one of these two options for touring plans at no additional cost to you when you book your Orlando vacation through us, and we are here to help you decide and provide tips on how to customize your vacation to fit you just right. We offer these resources because we want you to have the best possible vacation - that's why our name is Build A Better Mouse Trip

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Cost Control

We want you to have a great vacation but we don't want you to pay for features and add-ons that you don't need or won't use. We're constantly watching for discounts and promotional rates that can be applied to existing or new reservations. We also provide information that lets you decide whether trip insurance, Disney dining plans, and the park hopper or Water Park ticket optons are good values for you.

We want you to have good experiences and create great memories that last long after the trip is done. Every aspect of the expert vacation planning services we provide are intended to equip you with good information that allows you to get the most from your Orlando vacation. Our whole business model is centered around providing extra services without your having to spend any more than if you booked your vacation yourself. Remember - it is all about your having a better mouse trip, not a more expensive one.

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