Disney's Magical Express provides shuttle services from Orlando's International Airport (MCO) to the on site Disney resorts at no additional charge

Disney's Magical Express
Free Airport Shuttle Bus

Disney's Magical Express (DME) is a no-cost shuttle service available to guests flying in and out of Orlando International Airport (MCO) and staying at any official Walt Disney World Resort hotel. The service is not available to guests of Shades of Green, the Swan and Dolphin hotels or the Downtown Disney area hotels because these hotels are not actually owned by Walt Disney Corporation. This service provides a significant cost savings as you do not have to pay for a shuttle, town car service, taxi, or other ground transportation to take you to Walt Disney World (WDW). Once at the resort, you can use Disney park transportation to go to and from the theme parks, water parks, Downtown Disney, and other Disneyworld hotels; saving the expense of a rental car for most people. Even if you do need a rental car to visit a non-Disney attraction like Sea World, you can rent a car from Disney World for a day or two. The buses are clean and air-conditioned and are the easiest way to start your Walt Disney World vacation.

The DME buses are clean and comfortable. They also provide a video to watch on the way.

You must make your Disney's Magical Express reservation for one way or round trip transfers by calling 407-W-DISNEY at least 10 days in advance of your arrival but the sooner you make your reservation the better. 

The buses are clean and the service is efficient and using Disney's Magic Express is very easy.

We will make these reservations for you when you book your Walt Disney World vacation package through Build A Better Mouse Trip.

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The DME desk is well staffed to assist travelers if there are any problems.

Going to Walt Disney World:

  • You must already have a Walt Disney World hotel reservation to make your Magical Express reservation.

  • As soon as you have your airline information, forward the information to your travel agent or go to www.DisneyMagicalExpress.com to make your Disney Magical Express reservation.

  • Wheelchair transport, if required, is available but must be requested when you make your reservation.

  • Disney will send luggage tags and an instruction booklet with shuttle vouchers to you about 3 weeks prior to your arrival. Be sure to skim through all the information. If you need additional tags, you can get them by calling 1-866-599-0951. A minimum of two weeks advance notice is required to receive luggage tags by mail but the sooner you make your reservation, the better.

  • Wear the Magic Bands Disney sends to you on the plane or be sure you have the Disney Magical Express vouchers from the instruction book with you. The attendants can access your reservation using a photo ID but it saves some time if you have Magic Bands or the vouchers.

  • The luggage goes by separate truck and may take up to 3 hours to arrive in your room so pack any items you will need immediately – medications, a change of clothes, swimsuits, magic bands – in a carry-on. This deserves some extra emphasis... check your itinerary and bring ANYTHING you will need for your first day plans in a carry-on day bag.

  • Attach your yellow Disney Magical Express Luggage tags to your bags before checking them in at your airport. You can check your bags all the way through to the Resort hotel.

  • When you arrive, go directly to the Disney Airport Welcome Center which is located in Terminal B, on the first floor in the main terminal. You will go down 2 levels and can follow airport signs to "Ground Transportation".

  • You do not need to go to the baggage claim area if your flight arrives before 10pm. Those arriving after 10pm must collect their own bags and carry them on the bus (or have them stowed under the bus). Bag delivery takes approximately 3 hours. If you are arriving on an evening flight, you may prefer to pick up your bags anyway so that they aren't delivered to your room while you or the kids are sleeping. If you are doing this, do not put the Disney Magical Express luggage tags on them.

  • International travelers with Orlando International Airport as their first point of entry will be given instructions on their flight about the U.S. Customs and Border Protection process. You will claim your luggage and complete the entry procedure. Once you are able to pass through to the main terminal, a Disney representative will meet you to assist you in getting to the Disney Magical Express area. You may transfer your luggage to the Baggage Claim area and have Disney bring it to the resort or you may want to keep it with you.

  • Greeters at the Disney Airport Welcome Center will assist you with check-in and direct you to the appropriate line or queue for your resort. Each bus travels to only four Disney resorts so you will not have to stop at every hotel on Disney property before getting to yours.

  • If you are carrying a child safety/car seat, it will be stowed beneath the bus – they are not allowed on the bus.

  • Disney has contracted with Mears Transportation Group to provide this service. The bus drivers are not Walt Disney World employees and tipping is permitted so you may want to have some small bills available, especially if they have assisted you with luggage. You will not have to tip the Walt Disney World bus drivers who take you to and from the parks.

  • Once at your WDW resort, proceed to the hotel check-in desk. Your luggage will arrive in approximately three hours. You do not need to be present when it arrives, it will be placed in your room.

Airline check-in desk at the Disney World hotels

Leaving Walt Disney World:

  • On the day before check-out, Disney Magical Express instructions will be left in your room advising you of your shuttle pick-up time and place. At this time buses do not have Magic Band readers so you need to bring your instruction sheet. Pick-up time is generally about 3 hours prior to your flight time.

  • Luggage is not picked up from the room. You will need to carry it to the check-in area or you may request Bell Services / Luggage Assistance from the resort front desk.

  • Guests flying domestically on select airlines can check bags for the flight right there at the resort Check-In desk, located in or near the lobby. Check-in is available from 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM daily. You must check the bags at least 3 hours but no more than 12 hours prior to departure. Each adult passenger must present a valid government-issue photo ID at check-in, just as you would at the airport. Your entire party must be present at check-in. You can check seat assignments and will receive your boarding passes, allowing you to avoid the lines at the airport.

  • You will be departing from your resort even if your hotel check-out time is earlier than your Magical Express departure time. If you have a later flight and have time to continue enjoying Disneyworld prior to departure, you may store your bags at the hotel luggage services area. Just allow enough time to return to the resort and collect your bags before departure.

  • The bus driver will ask what airline you are using. There are four drop-off points at the airport for your convenience.

  • Again, you may want to have some small bills available to tip the driver.

Additional Tips and Information:

  • Seeing-Eye dogs or other service animals are allowed on the buses to and from the airport when accompanied by the owner.

  • Be sure to contact Disney if you flight information changes. You can do so by calling 407-W-DISNEY (934-7639).

  • You do not already have to have airline reservations when you book your hotel reservations – just call and add the Disney Magical Express reservation as soon as you purchase your tickets.

  • Many guests take time to see other parts of Florida before or after their Walt Disney World family vacation. You may book a one-way Disney Magical Express reservation for either your arrival or your departure.

  • This service is not available at Shades of Green, the Swan or Dolphin hotels, or the Downtown Disney Resort Area hotels.

  • In the rare event that luggage is lost; Disney will make every effort to help retrieve your baggage as quickly as possible. The airline – not Disney – lost one person's luggage on our most recent group trip. Disney gave the man a free Disney t-shirt so that he would have something clean and comfortable to wear until his luggage arrived.

We have personally used Disney's Magical Express and highly recommend the service. You will avoid paying toll fees, renting a car, and navigating Orlando traffic. The buses are clean and comfortable and a fun adventure for children, like ours, who do not get to ride buses or public transportation frequently.

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