Disney World – How Long Should I Stay?

Great information to help you decide how long you need for your Disney World vacation.

People often ask how long they need for a Disney World trip so we’ve put together some thoughts on the most common trip lengths.   When we book trips for our clients, we almost invariable refer to “nights” which reflects the number of nights you stay in a hotel but, for the purposes of this article, we will discuss “days”, meaning the number of days you want to go into the theme parks and your ticket length.   For example, if you want four full days in the theme parks, you would need to book a 5-night or longer stay. 

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Short Trips – 1 to 3 Days: There are four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom) and two water parks at Disney World so short trips usually mean choosing one or two parks to the exclusion of the others.   People choose short trips for a variety of reasons:  perhaps you want to add a few days at Disney World to some other type of Florida vacation, you are in Orlando for a convention and the family will tag along, you have small children or some other family member that you worry will be worn out by several long them park days, or you are a repeat guest to Disney but you’ve decided to check out that new Harry Potter area at Universal. 

Important considerations for short trips:  Since you can’t do it all, you will have to decide what you can do, enjoy those things thoroughly, and not worry about the things you are missing.  Sure, you can get park hopper tickets and hit all four theme parks but that is the most expensive way to see Disney World and you’ll lose a lot of your valuable and limited time traveling between parks.    If you aren’t already in the Orlando area, you’ll want to be careful about how hotel check-in and check-out might impact your time in the parks.  Good theme park touring plans and wise FASTPASS+ decisions will really help you get the most of your limited time at Disney World.   Our agents understand the challenges of short trips and can help you plan a great experience, even when time is in short supply.   We’ll put good touring plans in your hands and help you make the most beneficial FASTPASS+ reservations.

Most Common Trip Length – 4 or 5 Days:  This trip length works well for most people because you can visit all four Disney World theme parks, even possibly enjoy a second day at a favorite park, and it fits within most people’s work vacation limits.    In most cases, people in this category are planning a Disney vacation rather than tacking a little Disney onto some other type of vacation though this type of trip may include a day at the beach or visits to other area attractions.   Another benefit is that your theme park admission ticket price-per-day goes down with each additional day.  A trip of this length will provide lots of fun and let you leave feeling like you’ve been to Disney World.

Important considerations for 4-to-5 day trips:   The biggest challenge I see with these trips is a tendency to try to pack in more than you can possibly do in the time available; as a result, it is easy to spend too much by paying for add-ons like Park Hopping or the Water Park option that you may not really use.  Family fatigue can be an issue too as you spend multiple days in the parks.  Trips this length often fall during school breaks so crowds can be a factor, making good touring plans and wise FASTPASS+ selections especially important.  You’re making a considerable vacation investment with a trip of this length so why not let our agents help you with the planning?   It doesn’t cost anything to get our services when you book your Disney World vacation through us but you gain someone who really knows the hotels, restaurant, and theme parks to help you with every step of the vacation planning process. 

Longer Trips – 6-Days or Longer:  If the 4 to 5 days trips let you leave feeling like you’ve done Disney World, the six-day or longer trips let you leave feeling like you’ve been on a resort vacation.  I wish everyone planning a Disney vacation could take at least six days because the extra time lets you find a better balance of fun and relaxation.   Adding the water park option can make a lot of sense here because you can place water park days between your busier theme park days, letting you relax and cool down.   This is a really great option for summer trips and can slow things down nicely for those of you traveling with young kids or grandparents. You also have time to take advantage of the golf and mini-golf features of that option.   A week at Disney World is just so easy…you stay in one hotel surrounded by great stuff to do, with transportation provided, and great pools right at your resort if you just want to kick back.  In my own experience and based on the reports of others, most people find that six to seven days is great but nine days or longer may become too much of a good thing unless you include some non-theme park activities into the mix.  If you do have more time, you’ll find that Orlando has lots to see and do and there are a couple of nice beaches within easy driving distance of Disney World.   We’re very good at helping people with their theme park vacations but we’re also extremely well trained in the areas of relaxing in hammocks and floating on inner tubes so we’re ready to help with every aspect of your total Walt Disney World Resort experience.   We’d love to help you plan a great trip that combines thrills, new experiences, and some down time to recharge your batteries before you head back to the real world.

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