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Disney World Vacation Planning Services for Busy & Frustrated People

Disney is marketing one promotion under three or four different names:  Early 2016 Offer, Magic Together Offer, and Disney Junior Offer; before that, it was as a Disney Visa offer.   Okay, in all fairness, the Disney Junior offer is ever-so-slightly different because families with preschoolers and get a small bag of promotional items and activities.  (The "Stay, Play and Dine" offer actually is a different promotion.)   It makes sense to craft your message to reach different types of guests; so much sense, in fact, that I thought I would do the same thing with the services we happily provide to all of our clients....

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 Option 1: "I hate all of this ?#&%! Technology!" Service -  This service is for people that find it just infuriating that Disney now wants you to set up a "My Disney Experience" account, book dining and FastPass+ online, customize Magic Bands, and download an app.  It can be so frustrating, especially if you don't have a teenager handy to do it for you.   Book your Disney vacation through us and our agents will happily do almost all of it for you and they'll walk you through anything you absolutely have to do on your own.  We even offer the Unofficial Guide to Disney World - a printed guidebook - as a thank you gift option to help with your plans.  We still send printed documents and printed copies of the theme park touring plans to you via the U.S. Postal Service and we're happy to discuss your plans and needs over the phone.   

Option 2: "I'm Too Busy for All This Advance Planning" Service - Doesn't Disney realize that the kinds of people who go to Disney World have jobs and families? Do they seriously expect you to research resorts, plan every dining reservation six months in advance, research the best FastPass+ options and then book them at midnight exactly 45 days prior to arrival? Who has time for that?!? If you feel this way, you will definitely want to utilize the services of our agents who eat, sleep and breathe this stuff and can do most of it for you. We can help narrow the choices down to those that are a good fit for you and can book dining and FastPass+ on your behalf.  Do you mill your own flour or sew all your own clothes? Of course not, and there is no good reason not to let us do the leg work for you, especially since our services are free when you book your trip through us.    We'll have everything ready to go when your vacation rolls around.

 Option 3: "Help! I'm Trying To Plan Everything For My Extended Family" Service - Group trips can be a wonderful and memorable experience but they do present some very real vacation planning challenges as you try to juggle different ages and different vacation styles.  Having a travel agent that specializes in Disney destinations is a huge help in this situation because we really do know the resorts, restaurants, and theme parks very well and we can help you create plans that include everyone's priorities and that address everyone's needs. 

 Option 4: "I've Already Booked My Trip but Now I'm Overwhelmed!" Service - It is true that our services are completely free when you book your Disney vacation through us but we may still be able to help if you booked your trip yourself.   1) If you booked through Disney less than 30 days ago and have not paid your trip off in full, we can probably still be added as the agent of record on your existing reservation and you'll get all the benefits we offer just as if you'd booked with us in the first place.   (2) If that isn't possible, we can look at your needs and let you know the fee for helping with reservations and itineraries.  

We can also offer "My Wife Told Me to Plan This Thing" services, "I need a Disney Buddy who is as excited as I am" services, and services for people with allergies or any number of special situations.  Just tell us what you need and we'll let you know how we can help.

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Build A Better Mouse Trip brings a lot of experience and expertise to your trip.  Our agents will help you select the right resort for your budget, plan a great "Best Days" itinerary, help with all your restaurant questions and FASTPASS+ reservations, and provide fantastic theme park touring plans that will keep you ahead of the crowds and out of the long lines.  Our services can help you whether you are driving or flying.  We book directly through Disney and Universal and we do not charge a fee or service charge of any kind which means that you get every available benefit without paying extra.  

  • One travel agent who really knows Disney World & Universal Orlando and who gets to know you and includes your priorities in every step of the trip planning process.
  • Expert answers and honest opinions to help you with resort, activity and restaurant selections.
  •  We'll book dining reservations on your behalf - subject to availability.
  • We'll give you excellent Disney and Universal theme park touring plans that keep you ahead of the crowds and out of the long lines. Click here to read more about touring plans. 
  • You always get the best available price

Request a quote today – we use the same quote request form for Disney World or Universal Orlando.  Just skip any stuff that doesn’t apply and one of our agents will be in touch with you soon to help you plan your next adventure.   This isn’t a commitment, it is just the easiest way to get the conversation started. There's never any pressure and we're always happy to answer your questions.

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