Monica's Review of Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Rooms

Review of the Pirate Rooms at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort / Walt Disney World Resort - Florida.

Review of the Pirate Rooms at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort / Walt Disney World Resort - Florida.

My daughter and I recently in the pirate rooms at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. These rooms are which are all in the area farthest from the feature pool and main services. I didn’t think it would be a big deal being so far from the lobby and food court, but on the first night, we needed to get some food and during check in, they told us the Spyglass restaurant was open until 11pm so we decided to get to our room and then run down there to eat since it was right outside our room. By the time a van took us to our room, and we got down there, it was 10:10pm and they had just closed! I told the lady that worked there that we were told they were open until 11 and she said no, just until 10. So as tired as we were, we had to walk all the way back to the restaurant in the main lobby to eat because we hadn’t eaten all day and were starving. If we had known before we left, we would have grabbed something before heading to our rooms!  Then we had to walk back in the cold. Being the last on the bus line wasn’t too bad. There was always room on the buses but sometimes it took forever for a bus to come.

Pirates Ship Beds: The room was absolutely charming, but those beds were awful! They weren’t thin, like I’d heard….they were thick like regular mattresses, but when you laid in them, you sank down to the box spring! I guess sinking in a pirate bed is a good thing!!??!  Lol… Of course, pirates are probably used to sleeping in the gallows or on wooden planks so the beds might be fine for them! The ships beds are full-sized where the non-pirate rooms at the resort are queen-sized.

Practical considerations: The buildings at Disney’s Caribbean Beach resort do not have elevators and the stairs could be pure torture after a full day at the parks! Definitely get an Accessibility room with guaranteed ground floor access if you have anyone in the party with stamina or mobility issues or parents carrying sleeping children. Because this resort is SO big, I really do recommend the preferred location rooms which aren’t pirate themed but they are a lot closer to the feature pool and main services areas. These rooms have a maximum capacity of four guests plus child, age 0-2, if they can sleep in a Pak ‘n Play style crib.

Note about the author:  Monica is our most experienced travel agent and has been to the most training events of anyone in our office.  She is a whiz at helping people plan fantastic Disney vacations. 

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