Guest Blog - Hunt chameleons, not eggs, this Easter

Find Pascal, the chameleon from Disney’s Tangled, in the Magic Kingdom park at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Find Pascal, the chameleon from Disney’s Tangled, in the Magic Kingdom park at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Since it is Easter – here is another Disney Easter Egg Hunt – another chance to find hidden surprises within the world of Disney. This particular Easter Egg Hunt is one you can take for yourself the next time you visit Walt Disney World. Believe it or not, the details in WDW are so amazing that you can even make a trip to the restroom an adventure – especially if you visit the Tangled themed restroom area in the Magic Kingdom.

This is actually a chameleon hunt and he appears first in the movie Tangled, but has more frequent appearances in the Tangled themed follow-up films and series. As we meet Rapunzel her one true friend is her silent, color-changing sidekick, Pascal. Although just a small chameleon, he plays a big role in Rapunzel's life. Confidante, coach and cheerleader, Pascal is a driving force behind Rapunzel's decision to leave her lonely tower. This supportive and encouraging companion's true colors held a key to solving an amazing mystery.

When you visit the Tangled themed bathrooms there is a sign that alerts you that there is something to look for…and if you look closely, you will begin to find Pascal hidden throughout the carefully and creatively themed area. Included in this post are a few pictures…if you really want clues, here are a few…but not all you need to find them all

Egg Hunt or Pascal Hunt spoiler alert follows….
Find the “Look for friends of Pascal in the scenery” sign and turn your eyes to the bridge on your left. You’ll see something looking right back at you on the rock!

Look in the other side of the water, notice the rock with an indentation…there you’ll discover a set of eyes that blend in perfectly to the moss surroundings.

Look at the sign again. Straight across from you, you’ll see a boulder…on the right side is a boulder-colored Pascal hiding from everyone.

Find Momento Mori, look carefully and search until you find three flower boxes. Someone’s hiding underneath the second one.

Take a look at one of the light posts and you guessed it – Pascal is there.

On this Easter weekend, remember that each of us need friends who stick beside us, encourage us, help us, and motivate us to be more. We all need them in our lives and whether you realize it or not, you just might be the very person to make that kind of difference in the lives of others. Sometimes it is subtle, and you can bless and encourage others without being flashy, maybe even blending into the background…but never underestimate the value that you have in the lives of others and take the time to thank those who bless you!

About the Author: This article, which first appeared on Facebook, is by author Jeff Dixon. Jeff has written a series of novels set in and around Walt Disney World entitled, The Key to the Kingdom, Unlocking the Kingdom, Storming the Kingdom, and as mentioned and linked above Terror in the Kingdom. He is also the author of The Disney Driven Life, a book that draws life lessons and leadership principles from the history and life of Walt Disney. Some know Jeff as Dixon On Disney – and he resources and comments on Disney history, attractions, and news. He is a researcher that draws heavily on the incredible works of Disney historians and biographers with an attempt to understand and apply the life lessons that are uncovered. He is also a storyteller that transports readers into a world beyond their imagination.

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