Magical Moments at the End of the Disney Day!

Great reasons to stay until park closing at Disney World

Great reasons to stay until park closing at Disney World

Did you know that if you enter an attraction line at 10:59pm and the park closes at 11pm, that they will run the ride until everyone in line has gotten to ride?!? Well they do! It also works at any closing time, not just 11pm.

This is an excellent time to ride those rides that generally have longer lines like 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. The line may be really long, but they'll continue to keep it open until everyone in line at closing gets to ride it. I like this because it isn't wasting precious park time since the park would be closed anyway! Our favorite ride to ride at closing is Big Thunder Mtn! I swear it goes faster at night!

As a side note, one of my favorite times to be in the parks is after closing. The crowds usually cram their way towards the buses, but I head back into the park! I take a nice leisurely stroll through the park, while everyone else is standing in a long line to ride the bus. I also do my shopping at this time so I'm not wasting precious park time shopping! I would not recommend this if it's your last day, however. Sometimes they will close shops at some parks right at closing (Hollywood Studios is the worst about closing them right at closing, but Magic Kingdom is really good about it!) so you want to make sure you get that treasure before closing. The buses run for at least an hour after park closing, so no need to hurry out!

I love being at the parks after about you? Have you ever stayed in the park after closing?

Have a Magical Day!


About the Author: Monica is the most experienced agent at Build A Better Mouse Trip, a travel agency specializing in Disney World and Orlando theme park vacations.  

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