Everything You Want To Know About Disney Toilet Paper But Were Afraid To Ask

Exclusive Investigatory Report!

The Truth about Disney World Toilet Paper - comparison for value, moderate & deluxe resorts

Some time ago, I read a blog by a Disney fan who has stayed at several Disney World hotels and I was struck by the comment that they always bring their own toilet paper to the value resorts because the rolls in the value rooms are of lower quality.   As the mother of four kids, I am just grateful when we're not out of toilet paper and had never noticed this detail despite having stayed at lots of Disney resorts of all levels lots of times.   Clearly some investigative work was in order....

Disney Deluxe, Moderate & Value Resorts...It's Not Just About Room Size

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has three main categories of hotels: ValueModerate, and Deluxe.  I did a comparison of rack rate of standard rooms for one night (December 9, 2014) and, as expected, there is a wide range of prices:  Pop Century (value) - $108 / Port Orleans Riverside (moderate) - $181 / Polynesian Resort (deluxe) - $454.  As you would expect, the value rooms are the smallest and the deluxe resorts have the largest rooms.   The pools and dining options are more elaborate at deluxe resorts and value resorts don't have coffee makers in the rooms. Value resorts have double beds but moderate and deluxe resorts have queen beds.  These details are interesting, I suppose, but it turns out that the most important benefit to spending an extra $300 per night is the difference in the toilet paper,  The deluxe resort (I think this is Disney's Yacht Club but don't remember for sure) have thicker, quilted toilet paper; Disney's Port Orleans Riverside has fairly thick toilet paper that isn't quilted; and Disney's Pop Century had thin, single-ply toilet paper that won't win any softness awards. I can't help but wonder what Goldilocks would have to say about the whole thing.  If you're checking into a Disney World resort sometime soon, don't hesitate to send the name of the resort and a picture of the toilet paper in the room to me; the world deserves to know the truth about Disney toilet paper!


Did You Know....

Stitch's Great Escape opened in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom on November 16, 2004.  It seems that Stitch went a little crazy with excitement and he TP'ed Cinderella's Castle in celebration of the grand opening.   The castle was cleaned up and returned to it's previous condition by the next morning.


What About Disneyland?

Disneyland Resort in California only has three official hotels and they are all deluxe level resorts.    I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel in June and completely forgot to take a picture specifically of the toilet paper but I was able to crop down this photo from my room's restroom.  You'll have to make your own assessment of the toilet paper quality.  Disney partners with what they call "Good Neighbor" hotels and the toilet paper there will vary by hotel chain.   I did find the an painted sign in the Frontierland area of Disneyland advertising 100% Splinter Free toilet paper, which seems like a good thing and, frankly, something I didn't even know I should be worrying about.   I do have a favorite Disneyland restroom; it is at Disney California Adventure park behind King Triton's Carousel.  It is my favorite because you can hear the cars from the California Screamin' roller coaster pass overhead.  I have never done this but I think you should definitely throw your hands up and scream at the top of your lungs while using the restroom here just to get the full bathroom roller coaster experience.  Not only will it be fun for you but it will add some extra excitement for the folks in the adjoining stalls too.   Who knows, you may even get to meet Disney security!

Disneyland Hotel toilet paper.

Disneyland Hotel toilet paper.

Well, folks, I think we've gotten to the bottom of this important topic.  I hope that reading this article didn't leave you wiped out.  :-)


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