Where to Find Tinker Bell at Disney World

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Here's all the information you need to find Tinker Bell in the theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort, including tips for actually meeting Tinker Bell and the other Disney fairies.

Where to meet Tinker Bell:

Tinker Bell Meet-and-Greet:  You can meet Tinker Bell at the Town Square Theater on the Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.    This is a very cute meet-and-greet location where, after yelling "Pixie Dust!", you "magically shrink" in size until you are the perfect size to meet Tinker Bell.  Tinker Bell poses for photos with guests and signs autographs.  FastPass+ is offered for this meet-and-greet experience.   This is usually open from park opening to 30-minutes prior to park closing.  Check your Magic Kingdom Times Guide (available with the park maps on the racks near the front of the park) for exact times during your visit.   TIP:  Tinker Bell takes time with each guest which makes the lines move slowly; try to visit in the first hour the park is open for the shortest waits or go during a parade.

Tips for seeing Tinker Bell in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

A bit of advice -  Avoid tears of disappointment by not promising your child that they will meet Tinker Bell until after you've had time to check the posted waiting time.   You can tell them that you'll see her in a parade or as part of one of the listed attractions on your Disney vacation.  This way, meeting her will be a special treat and not an expectation.

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Where to see Tinker Bell at Disney World:

There are other places to see Tinker Bell though these are not meet-and-greet opportunities.

Tinker Bell in the Magic Kingdom -

  • Peter Pan's Flight - Fantasyland: this gentle ride is a Magic Kingdom classic and features scenes from Disney's Peter Pan movie. You'll find Tinker Bell on the sign at the entrance and in several scenes in the ride. TIP: This ride is popular and lines grow quickly so use FASTPASS+ or ride this shortly after the Magic Kingdom opens.

Tips for Seeing Tinker Bell - She is included on Peter Pan's Flight in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World Resort
Tips for seeing Tinker Bell at Disney World - TinkerBell Float in the Main Street Electrical Parade in the Magic Kingdom .
  • Mickey's Philharmagic 3-D - Fantasyland - Tinker Bell flies across the screen immediately following the section with Simba from The Lion King.

  • Disney's Festival of Fantasy parade - Peter Pan float: this afternoon parade typically occurs at 3:00PM but may also be offered at noon during Christmas week or other holiday seasons. There is a delightful Peter Pan float and you'll find Tinker Bell on the back of it. (photo at the bottom of the page)

  • Main Street Electrical Parade - Tinker Bell has the lead float position in this parade that is offered most - but not all - evenings in the Magic Kingdom. Check the Disney World calendar to see when it is offered during your visit. If the parade is offered twice in the same evening, the second parade will always be less crowded than the first one.

  • Wishes Fireworks - In front of Cinderella's Castle: Tinker Bell often flies from the castle towards The Plaza restaurant at the beginning of the Wishes Fireworks. There may be times when weather or other factors prevent this from happening. TIP: Try to find a spot on the Tomorrowland Bridge or by the rose gardens near The Plaza restaurant to watch Wishes and Tinker Bell will fly right over your head. This isn't necessarily a good location if you're also planning to see the Main Street Electrical Parade on the same evening because this is a little ways from the parade route.

Tinkerbell at Epcot:

Soarin' at Epcot - Walt Disney World Resort / Florida
  • American Adventure - Golden Dreams finale: You do briefly see Tinker Bell in the American Adventure show in the America Pavilion. She appears on screen with Walt Disney in the finale song.

  • Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival - Tinker Bell's Butterfly House (Seasonal activity). Epcot has an annual flower and garden festival every spring and, for the last couple of years, it has included a temporary butterfly pavilion that also features fairy topiaries.

Tinkerbell in Disney's Hollywood Studios:

Walt Disney One Man's Dream in Disney's Hollywood Studios at Disney World.
  • The classic animated scene featuring Tinker Bell sprinkling pixie dust from "The Wonderful World of Disney" television program is included in the movie portion of the "Walt Disney - One Man's Dream" attraction. This is a wonderful and inspirational movie where you hear Walt Disney share the histories of Walt Disney Studios and the beginnings of the theme parks in his own words. It is a wonderful tribute piece but it may not hold the attention of young children.

  • Tinker Bell does not appear at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park.

  • Disney's Grand Floridian Resort - there is a Tinker Bell in the marble floor in from of the elevators at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort. You'll also find Peter Pan & Wendy in the floor design.

  • Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) : Tinker Bell is on the top of the World of Disney store in Disney Springs; there is a really cute flying Peter Pan and Wendy sculpture near the ceiling in the store; Tinker Bell is also painted on the ceiling of one the rooms. Tinker Bell is part of the Peter Pan flying display near the ceiling in Once Upon A Toy (toy store). Tinker Bell is pictured on the side of the Characters in Flight balloon. TrenD (boutique) has a sassy Tinker Bell painted on the wall and other Disney Springs shops may have Tinker Bell included in permanent or temporary displays.

Tinker Bell on the Peter Pan float in the Festival of Fantasy Parade in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

You don't need Pixie Dust for your Disney World dreams to come true.

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