Disney World Ticket Price Changes Coming On October 16

Disney World tickets will be subject to seasonal pricing as of October 16, 2018.

Disney has announced that they will begin pricing tickets by date starting October 16th in an effort to better distribute attendance throughout the year. In a nutshell, tickets may cost more or less depending on when you decide to visit Disney World. Another big change in that tickets will no longer be good for fourteen (14) days from first use but will now have a valid use window based on ticket length. Since tickets purchased prior to this date will be locked in at current prices and with current expiration policies, we strongly recommend that you book your 2018 or 2019 Walt Disney World Vacation package.

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Daily ticket cost will be determined by your first ticket date. The prices/tiers have not been announced yet but Disney is anticipating a lot of excitement and big crowds due to the opening of Star Wars Land in late Fall 2019 (no exact date has been released at this time) so there is every reason to believe this change will raise prices for peak travel times.

When will date-based tickets expire?

1-Day base tickets are valid for admission on the specific start date selected. Multi-day tickets are valid for admission beginning on the start date selected and must be used within a limited time period.

2-Day Tickets are valid any 2 days within 4 days beginning on the start date

3-Day Tickets are valid any 3 days within 5 days beginning on the start date

4-Day Tickets are valid any 4 days within 7 days beginning on the start date

5-Day Tickets are valid any 5 days within 8 days beginning on the start date

6-Day Tickets are valid any 6 days within 9 days beginning on the start date

7-Day Tickets are valid any 7 days within 10 days beginning on the start date

8-Day Tickets are valid any 8 days within 12 days beginning on the start date

9-Day Tickets are valid any 9 days within 13 days beginning on the start date

10-Day Tickets are valid any 10 days within 14 days beginning on the start date

For example, a 6-day base ticket with a start date of April 1, ticket is valid any 6 days from April 1 to April 9.

Tickets purchased as part of a Disney vacation package will be valid for the length of time indicated above based on ticket length or for the length of stay included in your package, whichever is greater.

Adding the Park Hopper Plus Option to include visits to the Disney Water Parks and other attractions extends the period of time within which you may use your ticket by one day. For example, a 6-day ticket with the Park Hopper Plus Option with a start date of April 1, ticket is valid any 6 days from April 1 – April 10, instead of through April 9 which would be the valid use period for Basic or Park Hopper tickets.

Flexible Date Option: Guests who do not wish to select a specific date may purchase the “Flexible Date Option” for an extra charge. The price for this feature has not yet been announced.

Are tickets able to be modified – what happens if a guest needs to change their date?

Yes, you will be able to modify tickets online or through the Disney Reservation Center prior to the ticket start date. If the ticket is changed to a higher priced date, guest will be responsible for paying the difference in price. There will be no refunds to changes to lower priced dates. If modifications are needed after the ticket start date, guests must visit any Vacation Planning window.

I am planning to visit Disney World in the next year but I won’t be staying on property, should I buy my tickets now?

We’re all wondering if the crystal ball in the Haunted Mansion ride can help us out with this one but, given the way Disney keeps stressing how much money they’ve invested in new rides and attractions as they talk about this, we think that ticket prices are going to go up, at least during the seasons Disney currently ranks as “regular” and “peak” season. It is possible that they might lower value season tickets slightly for public relations purposes; there is no way to know for sure here but that’s what they did when they introduced seasonal pricing for one-day tickets. Currently, value dates are only certain midweek dates in the off-season. If you’re waiting for the opening of Star Wars land to visit, you’ll probably want to purchase tickets now, keeping in mind that tickets purchased separate from a package are not refundable.

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Should I book my vacation package now?

You should probably book your trip before the change if you plan to go during busy times like spring break, summer, fall break, right around Halloween, Christmas break, around any 3-day holiday weekend, or once Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Don’t delay; book today! If you are visiting at during the lowest season, there is small chance that you could benefit by waiting just to see if they lower value season ticket prices. Since you’re not a psychic, the safest approach is to let us put a courtesy hold on a package for you on October 15th so you will be able to wait a couple of days to apply the deposit. If the price drops, we can just cancel the hold and re-book at the lower price. If the price increases, your hold will have you locked in at the lower price and you just need apply the deposit to take advantage of the savings. Just check the courtesy hold box and add a note to the comments section of the form below letting us know that you want to do a courtesy hold on October 15 and we will take care of that for you.

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Confusing technical stuff about future discounts

If you book your trip now and Disney releases a promotion in the future for your travel dates, your tickets in the package may have to be adjusted to the new ticket structure to qualify. A classic example of this is the free dining promotion which always has a ticket requirement that is based on ticket prices at the date of the promotion release. You may be thinking, “if that’s the case, what is the point of even booking now?” The answer is that booking early guarantees you the best available pricing but we don’t know that that best pricing situation will be – during peak times when discounts are as low as 10% at the value resorts (or roughly $12 to $15 per night), families may save more by avoiding future price increases in tickets or other features, or they may save more with a great discount even if it does raise their ticket price. Think of it as insurance – waiting means you might pay more later, booking now means you definitely won’t pay more later and you might even have a chance at lowering your package price.

2019 discounts already available:

Disney World Play, Stay, and Dine discount for January 1 – March 9, 2019

Disney World Room rate discounts available for dates through April 27, 2019. This includes Spring Break!

Disney World Military Discounts for most dates through December 19, 2018 and January 1 – December 19, 2019 (excludes April 14 – 25)

Universal Orlando – Save up to $330 on a 4-night or longer package at an official Universal Orlando hotel that includes 3 park, 2-day Park-to-Park tickets with 2 days free for these dates: November 1 – December 25, 2018 and January 1 – 31, 2019. Must book by November 14, 2018.

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