Ian's Good Guest Tip: Don't Spoil it for Others

There's sometimes somebody that just has to be the wittiest person at the park - the ones who talk along with the River Boat spiels, or heckle the Great Movie Ride Tour Guide.

Everybody else on the ride is being polite, so I'll say it - please stop. Don't spoil their experience or ruin somebody else's adventure.

The jokes are bad - that's the point. There's probably somebody on the ride with you that hasn't heard it, or somebody that absolutely LOVES the humor.

Be cool and respectful so that you're not the worst joke on the ride.

About the author:  Ian and his wife, Toni, work together to help their clients have wonderful Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Orlando vacations.   There is no extra charge to get their expert help for your trip when you book your trip through them.  

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