Disney World Free Dining 2016 - Computer Glitch Provides Possible Dates

A weird thing happened on the Disney Travel Agent Website recently....some dates were posted for this year's Disney World Free Dining Promotion and then were quickly taken down again.  Nothing is certain until it is officially announced but the qualifying arrival dates that were briefly posted for this year's Disney World Free Dining promotion were:

  • August 23 - October 1, 2016

  • November 15 - 21, 2016

  • November 26 - 28, 2016

  • December 10 - 21, 2016

Remember that your arrival date is the thing that determines promotion eligibility - if the dates above are correct, the person who arrives on December 21st will have free dining for the full duration of their trip, even though most of their vacation is outside of the promotion dates but the person who arrives on August 22nd will not qualify for free dining, even though most of their vacation would be within the qualifying dates.   In a case like that, we will often book a "room only" reservation for the arrival date and then have the package start the next day.  Other restrictions may apply - for example, certain resorts or room categories are sometimes excluded.

Again,  I need to stress that none of this is official yet but think a Disney World the promotion will be released very soon - probably on or near April 25th.  Once officially announced, competition will become fierce for reservations at popular restaurants as soon as it is released.  We'd love to help you avoid all that stress and disappointment by getting your reservations in place now.  We can book your Disney World vacation package now and book dining reservations for all arrivals through mid-October 2016.  Lots of other people are already doing the same thing and we're already having trouble getting reservations at certain restaurants.  Once the Free Dining Promotion is released, we'll immediately apply it to all of our clients' qualifying reservations; saving you the hassle and worry of watching for you.  You can cancel later so there's no good reason to wait! 

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