Save Time by Pre-Ordering Food at Be Our Guest (Breakfast & Lunch)

Pre-order your breakfast or lunch at Be Our Guest, a re. taurant in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World, to save a lot of wasted time.

Be Our Guest is a beautiful and very popular restaurant in the Fantasyland area of the Magic Kingdom.  The restaurant is a table-service location during dining but is a Disney quick-service location at breakfast and lunch.   It is so popular and the lines were getting so long that Disney has made this one of only two quick-service location that accepts advance reservations; the other quick-service restaurant that accepts reservations is ABC Commissary at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  You can check availability and make reservations by logging into your "MyDisneyExperience" (MDE) account on a computer or by using the MDE app on your phone or by calling 407-WDW-DINE (407-939-3463).   If you booked your trip through us, your agent will be happy to take care of this for you, subject to availability.   

Once you have a quick-service reservation at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom, you'll definitely want to take advantage of the option to pre-order your food prior to your vacation. Several of my clients have reported really long waits (up to 40-minutes) just to get to order. Pre-ordering takes a little time and thought at home but cuts one line and a lot of wasted time out of your Magic Kingdom experience.  You can pre-order food up to 180 days prior to arrival by logging into your "MyDisneyExperience" (MDE) account on a computer or by using the MDE app on your phone.  This restaurant is a table-service location at dinner so your server will take your order once you are seated.

TIP 1: It is easy to forget what everyone picked when you order your meal weeks in advance so you may want to set up some kind of reminder for yourself.   Some ideas I've heard are to use the appointments or notes function of your smart phone or to schedule an email for delivery on the day of your reservation to an email address you receive on your phone.   If you're using a printed touring plan, you may want to write down the list of who ordered what on that.   You could also write down everyone's name next to their order and take a photo with your phone so that you can just look at that if there are questions and confusion.   

Tip 2: If your party is in more than one room and is on a dining plan, you'll want to book as many reservations as rooms.  You'll probably be able to sit together but all of the dining credits for the group will be taken from the account of the reservation of the person who booked the reservation if you don't break it up by room.   They cannot split the credits up by room when you arrive. 

Click here for full instructions on ordering your Be Our Guest meals in advance.

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