Where Disney Hid Your Souvenir Luggage Tags

Hello, from Monica! I have been hearing some reports that people  who have booked a Disney World Vacation Package aren't getting the new luggage tags that coordinate with their MagicBands. They are actually underneath the MagicBands in the box! You probably wouldn't think to look there, but they are there so don't throw your box away until you look for the tags!!

Disney is sending really cute, souvenir luggage tags under the cardboard insert that your Magic Bands are set in.  Remove the insert and you'll find them in an envelope. 

The new Disney World luggage tags feature cute Disney characters and are color coordinated to match the color you selected when you customized your Magic Bands.  

New Disney Character luggage tags that coordinate with customized Disney World Magic Band colors. 

You have to have a Disney World vacation package that includes a reservation at an official Disney World hotel and tickets to receive the tags.  You do not receive the tags with "room only" reservation.  My understanding is that there are some third party vendors who have put together packages that do not include the tags.  We book directly through Disney so our clients with vacation packages should receive the tags.   The tags have been left out of some boxes; if you've checked and they are not in the box, you may need to call Disney to confirm that you should've received them.  If your package qualifies but you don't have the tags, they can mail them to you though you may have to be a little bit insistent about it.

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