Using TouringPlans  To Get the Most from Your Disney or Universal Trip

When you book your Disney World, Disneyland or Universal Orlando vacation through us, we provide a thank you gift that provides wonderful and up-to-date information to help you make the most of your vacation time.  One of the options we offer is a subscription to which is really wonderful for people who don't love lines and who enjoy online information and helpful smart phone apps.   We don't want to just set up your subscription and just walk away wishing you the best as you try to figure it out on your own though so here is some information to help you use the service.  Don't hesitate to ask your agent for help if you need it it - that's why we're here!

What is TouringPlans?

Let's start with this short video that gives a quick overview of how TouringPlans can help you have a better vacation.

What is a Touring Plan?

A touring plan is a step-by-step itinerary showing you how to experience the most popular attractions at Disney World, Disneyland or Universal Orlando while avoiding long waits in line.

Choosing Your Theme Park Touring Plan -

This short 2.5 minute video walks you through the steps to finding a standardized Touring Plan in the TouringPlans website. 

Using TouringPlans’ Lines App

This quick 2-minute video demonstrates Lines, the mobile application from TouringPlans.

Creating Touring Plans on the Lines Mobile App

This 19-minute video explains how to create and modify Touring Plans via the Lines app.

Creating  A Personalized Touring Plan:

This step-by-step tutorial, teaches you how to create a personalized Touring Plan; approximately 13-minutes long.

Common Questions About Personalized Touring Plans

You'll wanted to watch the "Creating A Personalized Touring Plan" video above before watching this 23-minute videos.

Using Touring Plans for Park Hopping

This video shows you how to use TouringPlans when you plan to visit more than one theme park on the same day.

How to Beat the Crowds at Magic Kingdom

In this 15-minute video, you will learn the problem spots and the areas where long waits form at Magic Kingdom park in Disney World and, most importantly, how to minimize these issues so you spend less time in line.

Using a charmingly shoddy map, Brian explains where the "hot spots" are in Disney World's Magic Kingdom and, more importantly, how to move to avoid the crowds.

How to Beat the Crowds at Epcot:

Get tips and tricks from the 11-minute video below for having a better day at Epcot.

More map! In this video I go through a full plan for planning a day at Epcot that will get you past the crowds and make your life easier.

How to Beat the Crowds at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park

It only takes 9-1/2 minutes to watch this great video that will save lots of time otherwise wasted in lines at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.

Brian tackles lines and problem spots at Animal Kingdom with the knowledge of a few months of watching crowd patterns as people swarm toward Pandora: The World of Avatar. Learn when to get to Animal Kingdom, which attractions to visit when, and which path to walk in order to laugh at people in line.

Optimized Touring Plans - Part 1:

Choosing a park and date.  This video shows you how to create an optimized touring plan for your specific travel date as well as the park you're going.

Optimized Touring Plans - Part 2: Attractions, shows and parades

This video shows you how to add attractions, shows and parades to your touring plan as well as how to filter the list of attractiond by height, by rating, and by wheelchair accessibility.  

Optimized Touring Plans - Part 3: Meals and Breaks

This 3-minute video shows you how to add meals and breaks to your touring plan.

Optimized Touring Plans - Part 4: Optimization

This video walks through the process of optimizing your touring plan. when you ask our site to optimize your plan, the site will re-order the attractions, meals and breaks you’ve selected to minimize the time you spend waiting in line.

Optimized Touring Plans - Part 5: Evaluation

In this 3-minute video, you’ll learn how you can move attractions around in your touring plan, then ask the software to evaluate those changes. Evaluation is different from optimization, because evaluation does not re-order the the steps in your plan. Evaluation can be really useful if you want to test slightly different options of the same touring plan.

Optimized Touring Plans - Part 6: Printing

In this 1-minute video, you’ll learn how to print your touring plans.

Don't Miss Out On Great Experiences At Disney World!

We want to help you have the most wonderful, most memorable Disney vacation possible. We know that giving you good, up-to-date information and a few simple tools will make a huge difference in your Disney vacation. Long lines become short lines and you will have great memories of shared experiences instead of missed opportunities.  That's why we're called Build A Better Mouse Trip.

Here’s how we help you have a great vacation:

  1. Your travel agent – You have one agent from start-to-finish who knows your name and your priorities and who wants to do everything possible to help you have a wonderful experience.

  2. “Best Days” Itinerary – We’ll help you build an itinerary that includes your priorities for fireworks, parades, crowds and shows. Then we help with dining & Fastpass+ reservations.

  3. Saving Money – Of course we watch for discounts and promotion and automatically apply the best available offer to your reservation but we also help you avoid up-sells and options you won’t use.

  4. We Are Fee-Free - We book directly through Disney and we never charge a service fee so you never pay any extra to use our services when you book your trip through us. You can have all the benefits Disney offers PLUS all the services we offer. You can also purchase planning services through us if you've booked on your own or through another travel agency.

Let’s start planning a great vacation!

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