Disney World Shoe Tips - Keeping Feet Happy!

Disney World Shoe Tips - Staying comfortable in the theme parks.  See: http://www.buildabettermousetrip.com/disney-shoes

Nothing can thoroughly ruin an otherwise great vacation faster than being taken off your feet!  Sore feet can bring unexpected pain, lost time, and wasted money to a vacation you've worked really hard achieve.

We are firm believers in those precious ounces of prevention, so let’s talk about your feet, shall we?

Here's our tips for staying on your feet...

#1) Get good shoes BEFORE you go.

 It takes roughly 2 months to break in a good pair of tennis shoes.  For those of us who do not walk (or run) daily, it may take a bit longer. Look at your calendar and make sure you get good shoes early enough to completely break them in before your trip begins. Don't spend your days at the parks hoping your shoes will adjust to your feet before the blisters start!

My advice?  Hit up those good after-Christmas sales and get your vacation shoes early.  Don't wait until the last minute! 

#2) It's OK to spend the money for good quality, comfortable shoes.

Please don't spend a few thousand dollars on a dream vacation to be taken out of commission by poorly made or ill-fitting shoes. A few extra dollars on good quality, properly-fitted shoes will be worth their weight in gold at the end of every day at the parks.

As an aside, my personal shoe preference is Asics Gels. I was introduced to them working the hospital floor as a paramedic. They are super comfy - but not cheap.  However, most retailers (including Kohls and DSW) run frequent sales, and with a little effort, they can be had for a good price.  (If you can get your hands on some "Kohls Cash" and you can get a really good deal!) 

#3) Make sure you're up to the physical challenge of an average Disney day. 

Generally, a complete day at one of the parks can result in an 8-mile walk.

Let that sink in. 

If you're staying few a few days, you're going to accumulate some serious mileage.

Before you go, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Can you walk 8 miles now?
  • How about those laps through the mall this week?
  • How do your feet feel?

If you're like me, an 8-mile walk in a near-tropical environment can really take the wind out of your sails. Fortunately, a Disney vacation doesn't require Olympic levels of fitness, so even a simple, low-impact regimen of walking a few minutes each day can help ensure you're able to go the distance each day.

#4) Avoid flip flops.

Tips for keeping your feet happy at Disney World.

I love flip flops.  I live in Texas and wear mine almost year-round. They are comfortable, easy to walk in and fun to wear.

And on my Disney trip, they are worn at the pool only.

Disney parks will have you walking uphill, downhill, mostly on concrete, and occasionally across something slippery, like a spilled drink or a wet tile floor.  Even expensive, well-made flip flops are not ideal for that environment, and cheap flip flops are just not made for that kind of abuse.  I spent the summer of 2006 in a huge, wildly uncomfortable RoboCop boot because I slipped and broke my foot. The culprit? Cheap flip flops. Sure - I only paid $1...until I got the bill for the ER visit.

If you have any feedback or hints you'd like to share, drop me a line!   And, of course, I'd love to help you make your next Disney trip as magical as possible.

Come visit me at http://www.buildabettermousetrip.com/toni-scott-bio/

Have a Magical Day!

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Cinderella proves that a new pair of shoes can change your life.