Create Your Own Disney Map Snowflake Ornament

Snowflake ornament made from a Disney World park map - includes video instructions.   Easy craft project. See:

This Disney Map Snowflake Ornament is is easy to make as well as being a beautiful and inexpensive way to remember your Disney World or Disneyland vacation. I cut a 6-inch by 6-inch square from the theme park portion of a Magic Kingdom map and then cut the map into 1/2-inch wide x 6-inches long strips. I followed the steps in the YouTube video below to make the snowflakes though I didn't have a grid-mat to work on; I just taped the strips to a clip board. I also used craft glue or a double-sided adhesive roller instead of a glue gun because I was afraid the thinner paper of the map might look lumpy from the glue sticks.


- 1 Disney Theme Park Map

- Glue or double-sided adhesive ruller

- Acrylic gem (optional)

- Loop of String or ribbon to hang ornament


- Paper cutter or scissors

- Ruler

- Painters masking tape

-Pen or pencil to mark cutting lines, if not using a paper cutter.

3D Paper Snowflake Instructional Video

This wonderful video gives you step-by-step instructions for creating these beautiful paper snowflake ornaments. I used a Magic Kingdom (Disney World) theme park map, instead of the double-sided paper shown in the video.


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